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Rachael MacFarlane

Born and raised in a small New England town, Rachael began her voice over career in 1998 after moving to Los Angeles. With a background in musical theater and a life long love of animation, Rachael fell in love with voice over on her first job, a role on Cartoon Network’s “Johnny Bravo” and has been giving voice to animated characters ever since. She has been the voice of Hayley Smith on the long running hit animated sitcom “American Dad” since 2005, and been a guest star on the hugely popular “Family Guy” dozens of times. Currently, Rachael’s voice can be heard on “Tom and Jerry”, “DC Super Friends” & “Robot Chicken”, to name a few. Rachael’s musical background and love of jazz singing led her to Concord Records, where she recorded her first album in 2012. Rachael’s singing can be heard on the popular series “Sofia the First” as well as the new Christmas classic “Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas”. She might have been a Shakespearean actor in a former life as Rachael is a go-to voice actor for British accents of all kinds, and has a range that extends from small children to elderly women. Also a mom of two little girls, Rachael is thrilled to have her first children’s book hit the shelves in the fall of 2018, after inking a two book deal with Macmillan Publishing. The story centers around a girl who is as much fairy princess as she is rough and tumble pirate and deals with the theme of gender neutrality in play. When she is not voicing characters, singing and writing, Rachael is an avid animal lover and volunteers her time at Perry’s Place, a local Los Angeles animal sanctuary named for her mother, Perry.

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