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Kevin Dorman

Complete with floppy ears and a dog suit playing Toto in his 5th grade school play is surely what has lead Kevin to his successes of present day.

Working in Both performance capture and voiceover he has etched out a long career spanning nearly two decades. Voicing characters like videogame legends Chris Redfield in Resident Evil games and film and as Goblin in Spiderman as well as adding his voice to games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Fallout 4 and many others.

As a performance capture actor he has logged more days in a perfcap suit than most in the business, working on several films such as all four of James Camerons Avatar movies, Real steel, Beowulf, Resident Evil, and several Marvel films. Kevin is well known in performance capture for his versatility in creating character movement for leads in dozens of triple A video games such as Resident Evil, Titanfall 1 + 2, The Order 1911, Days Gone, Spiderman and many others. Kevin's versitility as a performance capture actor can best be demonstrated by the following quote from James Cameron.

“Kevin Dorman Played every character in Avatar, Quaritch, Jake, Moat, Neytiri, etc. We wanted to put him up for the SAG ensemble award.” -James Cameron Cinfx issue 120

Commercially he has lent his voice to companies such as Disney, Toyota, Fox television, and National Geographic among others as well as adding Narration for the Travel Channel.

Having two beautiful little ones added to Kevin’s new family has given him a good excuse to reinvigorate his love for animation and getting to spend time with his girls while admiring all the amazing work of his peers!

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