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Jim Pirri

As the son of a linguist and growing up in Italy, it’s a fun irony that Jim Pirri’s iconic comedic role, Sergei, is a gibberish-speaking East European role. As Phoebe’s date, the hunky diplomat in the FRIENDS episode “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break” Jim joined the pantheon of FRIENDS guest stars.

Cut to today, where Jim puts his skill with languages as well as myriad accents to play the Italian Gondolier in Dreamwork’s animated film PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR as well as several smaller Scottish and British characters in the series and features, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.

Jim started his career doing a few seasons at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival where he played GUILDENSTERN opposite Val Kilmer’s HAMLET. He enjoyed doing classical theater for 6 years all over Los Angeles including playing Demetrius in MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at the tony award winning theater, SOUTH COAST REP.

Jim is also a prolific actor and highly skilled in performance capture for theatrical and game releases. Most currently, Jim is in three releases: as the loyal but badass biker, Boozer, one of the lead p.c. roles in Sony’s video game DAYS GONE; Master Sergeant in Netflix animated series LOVE, DEATH, and ROBOTS and Angelo Bronte in Rockstar’s huge hit video game RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2. *Fun Fact: Jim relied on his fluent Italian to breeze through his audition for this role which consisted of a 3 page monologue in nothing but Italian, which then ended up being changed to Italian accented English for the players sake. Jim was happy he could give them great versions of both options.

Jim voices creatures including several loud, taunting Scottish and Northern English accented ORCS in MIDDLE-EARTH SHADOW OF WAR and the Goblin General ROTHARI in KNACK 2.

Other great video game roles include Arabian accented Akeel Min Riah in CALL OF DUTY:INFINITE WARFARE, Italian accented Luca Vincenzo in BATTLEFIELD 1 and the Mid-Atlantic accented Nathanos Blightcaller in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT ouvre. But then returned home and used his native American accent as the evil and final boss Colonel Isenberg in the critically acclaimed LOST PLANET 3.

His current interest in the martial art of Jiujitsu as well as Salsa and Bachata dancing not only provide an athletic counterbalance in his life, but help keep him in shape and ready for the physical demands of Mocap work.

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Known For

  • Thumb boozer   days gone

    Boozer - DAYS GONE

  • Thumb luca   battlefield 1

    Luca - BATTLEFIELD 1

  • Thumb nathanos blightcaller   world of warcraft

    Nathanos Blightcaller - WORLD OF WARCRAFT

  • Thumb col. isenberg   lost planet 3

    Col. Isenberg - LOST PLANET 3

  • Thumb carlos arquero   la noire

    Carlos Arquero - LA NOIRE

  • Thumb general rothari   knack 2

    General Rothari - KNACK 2

  • Thumb akeel min riah   call of duty infinite warfare


  • Thumb flame of war orc   middle earth shadow of war

    Flame of war Orc - MIDDLE EARTH SHADOW OF WAR

  • Thumb angelo bronte   red dead redemption 2

    Angelo Bronte - RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2

  • Thumb gondolier   penguins of madagascar


  • Thumb sergei   friends

    Sergei - FRIENDS